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Coming from a varied artistic background I have had the luxury of working in a wide variety of materials and processes, which have naturally filtered through into some of my own work.

I trained initially as a painter in oils, but find the immediacy of acrylic paint allows for a fresh and crisper quality. Colour has been of major importance in all my work and I how an image can be completely transformed by varying colour relationships. I love working with papers and found that I could achieve sharper definition by cutting, layering and even curling it for a more three dimensional effect. Some of pictures have been mistaken for printing.

Most of the studies ‘from life’ are in either chalk or oil pastel and sometimes a combination of the two.

I like working in variety of mediums and processes and also like to explore a variety of subject matter as you can see by the contrasts between life studies, geometric pattern style and the Australian series of papercuts and paintings of leaves and seedpods.

The Australian series was started during a six-month sabbatical in The Northern Territory and inspired by the richness and variety of colours to be found in the tree bark, seeds, leaves and rocks of the Northern Territory. The same themes of bark and gum nuts have been developed using acrylic on stretched calico.

Using 'Nature' as my main source of inspiration, I was partially influenced by elements of Aboriginal artistic culture, as illustrated by the surface pattern quality of some of this work. I now work as a full-time artist and regularly return to Australia to develop ideas in addition to visits to other countries such as Cuba and to download my CV

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